2ube Xtra Festival 2k17

Nothing makes us happier than lighting up the stage with all of you there <3 


This years 2ube Xtra Festival was soooo much fun, highlights had to be Shai rocking up on light-up crutches – because breaking your foot before a huge gig is exactly what you want… playing our new tracks “Let you go” and “Where we are, we belong” for the FIRST time ever (smashed it, if I say so myself). And hearing you all sing Catch Fire back to us was absolutely monumental, that’s the first time that’s ever happened to any of us playing an original track, and it’s only been out for like 8 months!!! – We just did an acoustic session for BBC radio and Dave Monks (presenter) asked us if Catch Fire was our anthem, and after that gig we definitely know that now! But we’re hoping Stellar is going to surpass that, one day we can all sing that together at a concert and it will be EEEVEN bigger. Yup, I said it.

= Ryan

Photography by the fantastic AB1KENOBE (Read it out loud, yup, Star Wars puns).