Dosa goodness

Mandarinning our way through the week & some chatter about food

This week’s been nuts. Then again every week is full of too much stuff to work on, but I love it. I mean I wouldn’t be where I am without so many people so even when I’m stressed outa my mind, I stop and think – I’m getting to where I wanna be. Ry and I entered a mandarin singing contest, we got through the finals last week! Mind blowing haha, the final is 20th May in front of 500 chinese people. I loved learning the songs, it’s crazy how much emotion can go into a song even when you’re unsure of what you’re saying at points haha!! Can’t wait to do it though, everyone’s made fun of me back home but I’m excited either way. I love learning about different cultures and this has ben such an incredible learning. So guys, do whatever you gotta do and don’t be bothered by what people think is right or wrong, they’re not always right!!


I miss home like crazy. Been back a week and it already feels like months. I’m crazy close to my family and I miss everything about back home, especially DOSA’s which are like incredibly thin crispy pancakes, ugh want one like now. Alright don’t wanna moan too much, maybe next week 😉 EVERYONE WHO HASN’T HAD A DOSA, GO FIND ONE!!!


xxx shai